Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to projects undertaken by www.hancockpublishers.com:


You own the copyright to any content we develop for you and will deliver the content according to the terms we have agreed upon. We won't have any copyright over your content and therefore you will be free to use and publish it however you want to.


The payment in full will be required to purchase all the services listed in our site. The customer is responsible for all transaction costs including tax charges (if relevant).


We will allow unlimited revisions to the work that was delivered, so long as you request revisions within 14 days after delivery. Revision requests are processed in accordance to how urgent the work and will have a minimum deadline of 24 hours. We will provide unlimited revisions after the final draft is received by the customer's complete approval.

The revisions can be requested after the ordering process, after the product has been submitted for review and its status has changed in the form of "Waiting for Customer Approval." At this moment the customer can ask for revisions in person by sending their designated Project manager an email in order to verify that the original requirements are met for the whole product.

In addition, customers are allowed to make any changes at their own discretion to any material we send them following the order is completed and prior to publishing, given that the content is provided in Word format and they have the right to the content. Our customers are able to control the final product and to make any changes they want to make in line with their goals and preferences.


We at Hancock Publishers, we understand that at times, clients may experience an alteration of their mind about their work. In these instances it is important to note that we don't offer refunds. We believe in preserving the honesty the policy of refunds and we urge customers to think carefully about their plans before proceeding.


All requirements for the project are discussed with the client prior to the start of the project. The resolution of disputes at the service level will be according to the conditions and terms at the beginning of the project. This includes these conditions and terms, as well as acceptable business practice.


Hancock Publishers offers a 100 100% refund on all their services, at any stage of the project should one of our customers feel that their needs are not fully fulfilled. However, it's not a 100% unconditional refund and certain terms and conditions remain in place.

The policy of Hancock Publishers' refund is null and void in the following circumstances:

  • You've demanded changes beyond the original ideas.
  • In the event that an order is put on hold based on a request from the customer the refund will be canceled.
  • The policies of the company have been violated.
  • The client hasn't provided all the information needed to create creating the brief.
  • Causes like a change of mind' disagreement with a partner', or any other reasons that do not relate to the service offered are not eligible for the possibility of a refund in any way.
  • After a customer has ratified multiple rounds of adjustments (for every service) Refunds cannot be made.


The information provided on www.hancockpublishers.com includes but is not limited to, the services provided by the company and does not render any advice, certifications, guarantees, or warranties.

The company as well as its affiliates, associates or employees aren't accountable in any manner for any damages or losses that could occur to anyone due to any accidental error in the information provided on this site.

You agree to indemnify, defend, and indemnify the firm, its affiliates, subsidiaries officers, agents and employees harmless from and from any liabilities, claims or losses, damages, and expenses that arise out of or in connection to (i) accessibility or use the site and the services provided therein (ii) your breach the Terms and Conditions of Service; (iii) your violation of any rights granted by a third party which includes without limitation rights to intellectual property privacy, publicity rights, privacy or property.

The terms of this agreement and the use of this website is not a partnership, joint venture or employment relationship between you and the company.


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