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Here at Hancock Publishers, we understand what it takes to write the ideal book for children. Let our skillful children's book ghostwriters deliver you an unforgettable manuscript.

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Childerns books

Capture The Imagination Of Young Readers

Children's books have helped shape the lives of many of us. They've helped us connect with others, encouraged us to follow our dreams and helped us develop our horizons.

If you are looking to inspire youngsters with your bold big thoughts, Hancock Publishers is here to help you write an amazing children's book. We'll help you write an exciting story using captivating images that immediately captivate youngsters.

Do you have an inspiring story to share?

Do not read it for too long. The book you read could have the power to completely alter the way people view life.

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What Makes Our Stories Good?

Children have a limited attention span, but the illustrators and writers of children's books at Hancock are adept at keeping their readers engaged.

The authors of our books employ the following five elements when writing books for children.

  • Simple and short sentences keep children engaged.
  • The repetition of words and the vivid descriptions can assist in explaining diverse concepts.
  • Questions, puzzles and riddles keep the reader engaged.
  • Moral lessons and lessons that help educate children about the world around them.
  • themes like adventure and friendship are a great way to connect and inspire youngsters.

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Childerns books

How Hancock’s Children’s Book Service Works

Hancock Publishers has a four-step procedure to ensure that the children's book services run smoothly for authors.


You Pitch
The Idea

Every writing process in Hancock Publishers start with a intimate conversation with the author. You discuss your ideas and we begin from there!


We Start

After receiving all of the essential details about the project our writers' team is able to sit down and develop an outline of the book.


A Writer Is Assigned
To The Task

We assign a specialist children's book ghostwriter who will create the perfect book.


You Review
The Draft

When the writer has completed his first novel, you'll be provided with the draft. We work with the author throughout this writing procedure to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled.


The Book
Is Published

After the book has been approved by us and our editor It is then published through platforms such as Amazon as well as Smashwords.

Complete Children’s Book Ghostwriting Services

We edit, write and illustrate, then publish and promote books.

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Dead Cat Run
Dark World
The ODD Book of Baby Names

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We have been able to successfully complete a number of projects of different dimensions and scopes. Business leaders, working professionals and large and small organizations are just a few of our clients. Here are some books we've written and published for our clients:

2D Animation

2D Animation

Cartoon depiction of a book concept

2D Animation

2D Animation

Cartoon depiction of a book concept

Handdrawn art

Handdrawn art

Children’s book illustration

Family legacy art

Family legacy art

Cartoonized character illustration

Whimsical art

Whimsical art

Playful, juvenile art for a pizza-related fictional story

Vector-based art

Vector-based art

Graphics for children’s book about diversity

Work With Multi-Genre Experts

It doesn't matter what kind of book for children you wish to make with the help of 13 ghostwriters for children's books we can handle the challenge!

Childerns books

Board Books

Books for children to make crafts featuring fun characters, easy text and vivid and striking illustrations that will keep the infant entertained.


Picture Books

Create books for children from the ages 3 and 5 years old, using a mix of illustration and text to convey an important message.



Write books for children aged 5-8 years old and impart important lessons on living life and making various decisions.


Fairy Tales

Allow your children to be immersed in mythical tales about the monsters, wizards, princesses and other mythical creatures.

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Childerns books

Children’s Book Ghostwriters That Value Empathy

Our authors for children's books have been trained and are proficient in the art of writing manuscripts using a variety of styles. They know the level of importance and attention required for a book written by children and make sure that the tone of the book is appropriate for the age category.

To help you avoid the stress of locating affordable publishing, marketing and branding services we provide the complete package with all the necessary services. You will come up with the idea, and we'll assist you to make it available on various platforms such as Amazon, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble.

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A Complete Solution to Professional Children’s Ghostwriting Book Services

That Helps You Increase Readers’ Interest & Your Popularity

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Dreaming of Publishing Your Own Book?

Success Stories at Hancock Children’s Book Ghostwriting Company

I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Working with Hancock Publishers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of methods to think of ideas for a children's story. You can get ideas from your own childhood experiences, look at your children or read books for children to get ideas, or look into creative themes and scenarios that are appealing to children's readers.

The age range you are targeting will be determined by the content and the complexity of your story. Children's books are typically targeted to specific age groups like board books for toddlers and infants and picture books for preschoolers, early readers to children who are beginning to read or chapter book for children of a certain age. Be aware of the words as well as sentence structure and themes appropriate to the age range you want to write for.

Write a children's book if you are looking to bring clarity and balance in your imagination. A children's book is a great way to keep you within the bounds of not expanding your imagination world too much since the book is written for young readers. It also will challenge you to make the story as simple and straightforward as is possible.

A children’s book ghostwriter typically takes two months to write a 50 page book. If you are looking to simply illustrate an already written manuscript, it might take 6 to 10 weeks. The average time for these depends on the scope of the project as children’s books are extremely diverse.

Yes. It's perfectly legally and morally acceptable to engage writers for children's novels. A lot of popular authors avail ghostwriting services to complete their manuscripts. The authors usually claim full credit for their work they have done.

Pitch Your Book Idea

Pitch Your Book Idea