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Want to write a book but don’t have the time or experience? Simply give us a brief and our non-fiction writers for hire will get to work right away.

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Non Fiction Writing Services

Turn Your Thoughts Into Words

A non-fiction book is built on reality. It could focus on something that happened in the past, an individual's life, a cultural critique or a travelog of someone else's. In contrast to fiction, nonfiction novels are not able to alter the facts.

If you're writing a non-fiction book on a serious topic, it is essential to conduct an extensive amount of research, refer to sources and cite experts to prove your assertions. It's something that our writers of Hancock Publishers take into special consideration when they work on your book. The quality and authenticity of your writing are key in the quality of our nonfiction writing services.

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Make Your Non-fiction Book Interesting

A book that is non-fiction has very no room for imagination. it is not possible to add magic, talkable creatures or a mythical story to make it exciting. However, there are certain elements that make non-fiction books a fascinating reading experience.

Our writers who write non-fiction for hire are aware of what readers look for in this type of writing. It doesn't matter if it's a pertinent and original subject, a compelling narrative that keeps readers interested with well-researched and researched information, or a user-friendly style of writing - we make sure that each element is in place. Our writers will combine their writing skills with your given information to create the perfect non-fiction publication.

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Non Fiction Writing Services

How Our Non-Fiction Writing Services Work

Hancock Publishers has a three-step process to ensure the nonfiction writing services are provided efficiently and efficiently to authors.


We Brainstorm

Once we have all the important details regarding the project, the writers' group will be able to discuss the direction that might be chosen to develop the story.


A Writer Is Assigned
To The Task

We usually assign one writer to complete the entire novel. If the client requires their work accomplished in a smaller period of time, then we'll be able to assign more writers.


You Receive
A Draft

When the writer has finished with the initial draft, you will receive the draft. We'll involve the client throughout the writing process to make sure that the requirements of each customer are met.

Complete Non Fiction Book Writing Services

We edit, write and illustrate, then publish and promote books.

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We have been able to successfully complete a number of projects of different dimensions and scopes. Business leaders, working professionals and large and small organizations are just a few of our clients. Here are some books we've written and published for our clients:

Non-Fiction Book In Every Genre

At Hancock Publishers you can explore a world of knowledge with our Non-Fiction Book Writing Services. From business and history to science and self-help, we specialize in writing creative non-fiction books across diverse genres.

Non Fiction Writing Services

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Biography Books

We offer high-quality biography writing services for authors seeking to create a piece of their own or the life of someone else. This type of writing requires an understanding of narrative to keep readers engaged.


History Books

Our authors can write historical stories of political conflicts, wars and social movements as well as other significant events from the past. The books teach readers about how various regions and societies have changed over the centuries.


Self-help Books

The staff at Hancock Publishers has vast experience writing books to help readers enhance their lives. Self-help books cover the various techniques that help the reader achieve an underlying sense of stability and peace throughout their day.


Business Books

We assist authors in writing books that outline strategies and methods for achieving success in business. The books are designed for entrepreneurs seeking motivation.

Non Fiction Writing Services

Why Choose Our Non Fiction Book Writing Company?

Good non-fiction books require meticulous attention to detail as well as a knowledge of the subject. The writer must ensure that each statement within the book is backed by credible sources. Also, you must stay politically neutral and ensure that you get your message across without hurting the feelings of anyone else.

At Hancock Publishers we make sure all the elements of the non-fiction book are in their position. Our non-fiction writing services involve extensive research and numerous reviews of the manuscript in order to ensure that there aren't any errors or false information. They go beyond that to convey information in a pleasant manner and without offending any type of reader.

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Non Fiction
Ghostwriting Services

That Helps You Increase Readers’ Interest & Your Popularity

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Success Stories at Hancock Non Fiction Book Writing Company

I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Working with Hancock Publishers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the subject of your non-fiction work, think about your knowledge, interests as well as the requirements of your intended audience. Find topics that are distinctive, relevant and are likely to be a market. Examine current trends and gaps in existing research to pinpoint a subject which stands out, and is in line with your interests and knowledge.

The research for a non-fiction book is the process of gathering information from different sources, including books, academic articles documents, interviews, and trustworthy websites. Make use of libraries, online databases and reliable sources to gather information, statistics and anecdotes to support your arguments or provide useful information. Be sure to record your sources to ensure the proper references and citations.

To engage readers in your non-fiction book, concentrate on storytelling strategies, employ relevant examples and anecdotes and use the style of writing that is conversational. Reduce complicated concepts into digestible chunks, offer practical examples or case studies, and pose provocative questions to engage the readers. Include elements of suspense, humor, and emotion when necessary to keep readers interested. It is also possible to work with non-fiction writing professionals to incorporate these elements in your writing.

Yes. If you're not sure regarding the subject it is possible to contact us or our authors will offer things that are popular. For example, if are looking to create a self-help guide We would recommend creating something similar to "Self-Blame: How To Get Rid Of It In 30 Days".

On average, non-fiction ghostwriting services cost $10,000 to $30,000 for a 300-page book. The price increases based on how complex the subject is and how much research it requires.

Like fiction, this type of books demands a lot of research. Incorrect information can reflect poorly on the writers and can harm their careers. Collaboration with experts with experience in business for many years offers the chance to write an authentic work that will make you an expert in a niche that is non-fictional.

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Pitch Your Book Idea