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We are Hancock Publishers, we help self-publishing authors to preserve their tradition and make their history in the way they want it. We provide custom-designed memoir writing services to help you find the perfect words to tell your story and assist you in sharing it with the world.

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Memoir wriitng services

We Help Preserve Personal Legacies

Since the beginning people have been interested in discussing and sharing their experiences. The method of sharing a personal story changed, and it took the form of a memoir. Hancock believes that every story is worth telling. Hancock considers that any great story deserves to be shared.

Our memoirists are adept at the art of bringing the life of stories.

They pay attention to your personal life events and ensure that every event is described exactly as the writer would like the event to appear.

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Why Should You Write a Memoir?

Everyone has a unique motivation for writing a memoir.

Many people wish to keep their legacy alive and share their stories with the next generation. Others want to share their personal experiences and heal the emotional wounds. Many people record their struggles to encourage others who may be in the same situation.

It is not necessary to be famous to write a memoir. A common person can write books that inspire, however, it must be professionally written. If you have a story that you want to tell the world about and want to write a memoir, the writing services offered by Hancock Publishers are for you.

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Memoir wriitng services

How Our Memoir Writing Services Work

Hancock Publishers has a three-step process to ensure the memoir writing services we offer go without a hitch to the authors. We are listening to the author since a memoir tells the account of an author's life, it is beneficial to speak to the writer about the specifics of the details of the events.


We Brainstorm

Once we have all the important details regarding the project, members of our writing team is now able to meet and discuss the direction that might be pursued to further the story.


A Writer Is Assigned
To The Task

We usually assign one writer to complete the entire novel. If the client requires their work accomplished in a smaller period of time, then we'll employ more writers.


You Receive
A Draft

Once the writer is done with the first draft, you'll get the draft. We'll involve the client throughout the writing process to make sure that the requirements of each client are met.

Complete Memoir Book Writing Services

We edit, write and illustrate, then publish and promote books.

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We have been able to successfully complete a number of projects of different dimensions and scopes. Business leaders, working professionals and large and small organizations are just a few of our clients. Here are some books we've written and published for our clients:

Write Memoirs in Every Form

Our team consists of highly experienced memoir writers who enjoy writing captivating personal narratives. They're educated to write any of the many forms of memoirs. All you need to do is share with us your goals and the intended readers, and we'll write your memoir in the way you'd like them to be.

Forgotten History

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Personal Memoirs

It is possible to include anything from small stories to life-altering experiences in your personal memoir. The purpose of a memoir is to share your story to a non-native public and describe the many decisions you've made in the course of your life.


Confessional Memoirs

The name implies the term "confessional memoir" is written by those who regret a mistake they made in their past and are looking to confess. The writing process allows you to tell your side of the story.


Legacy Memoirs

A legacy memoir is typically written for a more targeted readership. It is possible to write these memoirs to relay your personal tales with your family members and your friends. This book will leave a message to the next generation.


Professional Memoirs

People who wish to share their successes to the world can write professional memoirs. If you're a company owner that started out small, but has grown into a successful company, you are able to write the book that will inspire readers.


Portrait Memoirs

They are an account of a person's life from a third-person viewpoint, written in detail. The author is a close friend of someone who's led an exceptional life.

Memoir wriitng services

Why Do Authors Choose Hancock’s Memoir Writing Services?

Our team of memoirists is well-trained and experienced in the creation of books in a variety of kinds of genres. They are aware of the value that of a memoir and ensure that your memoir expresses your personal style.

To ease the burden of locating a low-cost branding, publishing, and marketing service, we present to you the option of a package that provides everything you need for writing, right from the beginning to the finalization of books. We offer memoir ghostwriting services focused on delivering the finest quality work.

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Discuss Your Story Project With Our Experienced Memoir Writers

Our professional memoir writers provide free consultations that will help you explore your personal story. We specialize in creating compelling memoirs and manuscripts that are based on actual events or written as fiction. We'll help you organize and revise your life's path from beginning to end in an appealing, polished manuscript.

So, trust our writers to provide crucial insights and advice that will ensure your story is a success. Get our professional expertise in bringing your story to life. Contact us today to schedule a meeting and let us assist you to create an engaging, unforgettable story.

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Memoir wriitng services

A Complete Solution to Memoir Ghostwriting Services

That Helps You Increase Readers’ Interest & Your Popularity

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Dreaming of Publishing Your Own Book?

Success Stories at Hancock Memoir Book Writing Company

I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Working with Hancock Publishers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Frequently Asked Questions

Memoir is the type of writing which focuses on the personal experiences, memories and reflections of the writer. It's a story of particular events, people or moments of the author's life frequently focusing on significant events or themes that formed their character or outlook.

While both autobiographies and memoirs describe the author's life experiences, there's an important distinction in the way they are written. Memoirs tend to focus on particular events, themes or relationships, giving the reader a more discerning and personal viewpoint. Autobiographies on the other on the other hand, are designed to give a complete and chronological accounts of the author's life.

The topic you choose to write about is a personal decision. Take note of the relationships, moments or challenges that have had an impact on your. Think about events that resonate emotionally and distinctive, or provide important insights that others could be able to relate to. It's important to pick an area that you are passionate about and comfortable discussing in depth.

It could take a memoir writing service about two months to complete 300 pages of memoir. The majority of these companies employ multiple writers on one memoir to finish it by a strict time frame. The project manager is responsible for ensuring continuity in the narrative.

You might have had an amazing life and have a compelling story to share. But, telling stories through words is a skill that requires a specific set of abilities. Together with your story and our writing skills we write an autobiography that can be a hit on forums for reading.

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Pitch Your Book Idea