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Let expert writers help you create extraordinary stories. We have a team of fiction ghostwriters for hire who will breathe life into your books.

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Fiction book Writing Services

Untap The Power of Storytelling

It is as vast in the same way as you can imagine it. It covers everything from stories of fantastical creatures to romance tales handed down through generations. Sometimes, one writer can create an entire world of fiction through storytelling. But the most compelling stories are usually created by a number of people with their own unique ideas in the creation process.

Hancock Publishers excels at creating amazing fiction. We have a group of authors who bring their own perspectives to create compelling stories. We are able to provide high-quality work across all genres of fiction, whether suspense, romance or adventure and science-fiction.

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Create The Perfect Story

A novel is an imaginative work in which everything from the characters to the final scene is created by the writer. It's a kind of writing that does not require any theoretical or comparative reasoning to support the text. A fictional book needs the right elements to be able to function.

It is essential to have a compelling narrative to keep readers interested. The text should be well-organized and the narrative should be constant. It is also essential to include characters with clear motivations so readers will be able to relate to them. Hancock Publishers has experts who will ensure that all the elements of your story are perfectly in sync. No matter what the subject is - dialogues, character arcs, or even worldbuilding, our fiction ghostwriting services ensure that the book is in line with the standards of your readers.

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Fiction book Writing Services

Our Book Writing Process

Hancock Publishers has a simple procedure to ensure that our writing services for fiction are done in a perfect manner.


We Brainstorm

After receiving all the essential details about the project, our writers' team is able to sit down and discuss the direction that could be taken to take the story.


A Writer Is Assigned
To The Task

We typically assign one writer to write the whole novel. If the client needs their work to be completed in a shorter amount of time then we will have more writers on board.


You Receive
A Draft

When the writer is finished with their first draft, you'll receive the draft. We will involve clients during the process of writing to ensure the requirements of each client are fulfilled.

Complete Fiction Book Writing Services

We edit, write and illustrate, then publish and promote books.

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Dark World
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We have been able to successfully complete a number of projects of different dimensions and scopes. Business leaders, working professionals and large and small organizations are just a few of our clients. Here are some books we've written and published for our clients:

Multi-Genre Fiction Book Writing Services

Hancock Publishers has a team of fiction ghostwriters for hire who are adept in various sub-genres of the genre. Here are a few forms of storytelling that we've refined over the years.

Fiction book Writing Services

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Science Fiction

Tell amazing stories about intergalactic war space travel, time travel, and space explorations.


Historic Fiction

Tell captivating stories that are set in the medieval era as well as in the Old West or even feudal Japan.


Fantasy Fiction

Let your readers explore the world of mythical creatures or superhuman heroes.


Mystery Fiction

Your audience should be able to immerse themselves in thrilling stories of whodunnit that tell the most gruesome crime.


Romantic Fiction

Tell an old-fashioned love story that will draw the attention and hearts of readers.

Fiction Writing Services

Let’s Make A Fictional Classic

Writing staff of Hancock Publishers have the ability to transform a simple idea into a piece of fiction that is outstanding. Their imagination and understanding of the writer's vision is what sets them apart from any other writer on the market. Our fiction ghostwriting service is designed to create relatable characters as well as compelling stories. We are aware of the writing requirements for different genres, and have assisted many self-published authors write bestsellers.

Our team will ensure that you receive the highest level of customer service, along with top-quality writing that makes sure everything is completed in accordance with your expectations. If you'd like to be added to the ranks of top writers, we've provided you with everything you need.

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A Complete Solution to Fiction Ghostwriting Services

That Helps You Increase Readers’ Interest & Your Popularity

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Dreaming of Publishing Your Own Book?

Success Stories at Hancock Fiction Book Writing Company

I was skeptical, but once I got in touch with their team, I was sure that my book was in safe hands.

- Alice Flowerdew

Working with Hancock Publishers was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They delivered exactly what they had promised me.

- Anton Hansen

Frequently Asked Questions

Writing a novel can be a process of creativity that is unique to each writer. A few suggestions are brainstorming concepts, establishing character motivations and characters, sketching out an outline of the plot's structure, and creating a writing schedule that you enjoy. The key factor is to get started with writing and allow your creativity to lead you.

To develop captivating characters, you must research their background, motivations and motivations. Consider their strengths and weaknesses distinct personalities, as well as conflicts. Examine their relationships to other characters as well as the way they change through the course of your story. Be sure that your actions and choices are aligned with their personality and the situations they are placed in.

Yes. Developing an engaging plot involves establishing goals, conflicts, and obstacles for your characters. We consider the central conflict driving the story and how it unfolds and use it to build suspense and tension. Our experts help you plan major plot points, turning points, and a satisfying resolution. We assist you in bringing balance between action, character development, and pacing.

Yes. Hiring writers to create your book is a popular practice that is both legal and ethical. You can employ professional writers to write your stories, when you provide them with essential information. Authors who don't have the energy, time or even the desire to complete a manuscript usually work with ghostwriters.

Our creative writers can take between 1-2 months to create the 300-page novel. We typically assign one writer for the project, but we could involve multiple writers to complete your project with a stricter deadline.

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Pitch Your Book Idea